7X7 1/8" to 3/16" Vinyl Coated Stainless Steel Wire Rope

Introducing our 7X7 1/8" to 3/16" Vinyl Coated Stainless Steel Wire Rope. We are a factory providing high-quality wire ropes for various applications.
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Basic Info.

Cable Diameter
Coated Diameter
Material Specification
SS304 or Galvanized
Coated Material
Nylon or PVC
Breaking Strength
1700 Lbs
General Purpose
Delivery Time
2 Weeks
Transport Package
Wooden Reel
HS Code
Production Capacity
8 Billion/Month

Product Description

Product Details

3/8" - 7/16" PVC Coated Galvanized Aircraft Cable - 14400 lbs Breaking Strength
  • Galvanized wire rope (aka aircraft cable) is one of the most popular types of wire rope
  • Not intended for aircraft use, not certified to MIL-W-83420
  • Commonly used as security cables (such as bike locks), dog leashes and for product displaysmany other uses as well
  • Available in bulk spools or sold by the foot
  • Mill certificates available upon request
  • - Garden fence
  • - Air clothes
  • - Animal leash
  • - Railing decking
  • - Medical 
  • Multi-Function: String Lights | Clothes Line | Sunshade Sail | Garden Fence | Trellis | Deck Railing | Stair Railing | Garage Door | DIY Balustrade
  • Bright Finish: Self-Colored Silver Finish
  • T304 Stainless: Excellent Strength | Corrosion Resistant | Weather Resistance
  • 7x7 Structure: More Flexible | High Tensile Strength | Fatigue Resistanc

Breaking Loads

7X7 1/8" to 3/16" Vinyl Coated Stainless Steel Wire Rope
7X7 1/8" to 3/16" Vinyl Coated Stainless Steel Wire Rope 7X7 1/8" to 3/16" Vinyl Coated Stainless Steel Wire Rope
       Stainless steel wire rope has many characteristics, such as high temperature resistance, good fatigue resistance, excellent breaking force, long service life, and durability. And it is widely used in high-end fields such as medical treatment, automobile, aviation, aerospace, military industry; coal, petroleum, metallurgy, chemical industry, shipbuilding, bridge, electric power, rubber, tourism, water conservancy, light industry and other industries. We are able to standardize and scale production according to international and foreign advanced standards such as ISO, BS, DIN, JIS, ABS, LR, etc.
      1. Stainless steel wire ropes are widely used in digestive tract medical equipment, and synchronously rotating wire ropes have more synchronization performance than conventional wire ropes.
      2. It has a wide range of applications in automobile cables, Such as hood cable, throttle cable, shift cable, door lock cable, seat cable, brake cable, flexible shaft cable, sunroof cable, fuel tank cover cable, luggage cover cable, etc. The research and development of stainless steel smooth wire has improved technology and performance in the cable.
      3. In the equipment reform of the chemical, fertilizer, chemical fiber and other industries, stainless steel wire ropes are used in the deployment of their updated equipment.
      4. Stainless steel welding rod and a large number of stainless steel components, springs, abutting parts, etc., all of which use stainless steel wire rope.
      5. Stainless steel wire ropes are also used in the hoisting rings and hangers on electrified locomotives and power lines.
      6. Nowadays, a considerable part of nylon mesh in various industries has been replaced by stainless steel wire rope.

      7. At the same time, wire ropes are also used in the decoration industry, rigging industry, fishing gear industry, automobile and motorcycle industry and other industries.
7X7 1/8" to 3/16" Vinyl Coated Stainless Steel Wire Rope
       Jiangsu Rongstar Industry Co., Ltd. (Yancheng Rongstar Wirerope Co., Ltd. )is a professional company focusing on the development and production of high-end metal cables. The R & D and operation of the company's products started from Taizhou headquarters, with its marketing center in Shanghai, and a production base in the city Binhai and Jiangyin. In these places, the engineers, designers and manufacturing experts of Rongstar industry have been working hard. Through continuous exploration and technical practice, they have created products that can truly solve the quality and cost advantages of metal ropes, and adhere to intelligent manufacturing to create greater value for customers. 
      We often think about why we can't provide good quality with low cost products for industrial customers. That's good but expensive or the low-cost with poor quality products have been consuming the courage of the experimenters has eroded the patience of the industry customers. What's terrible is that we can't continue to make progress. Rongstar has been committed to making industrial products with high quality and good price. We always pay attention to the production system Cost of manufacturing link, focusing on intelligent production mode of metal rope!
      Every member of the R & D, quality control and production team of Rongstar industry is an excellent talent from all fields, from excellent enterprises in the industry. We have advanced ideas and integrate a large number of professionals with different professional backgrounds and experience, such as electronic engineering, mechanical design, manufacturing and production, quality control and so on. Our dream is to develop and create a truly high-quality and high-quality product Industrial products to change this situation, let our customers more enjoy the dividend brought by new technology.
7X7 1/8" to 3/16" Vinyl Coated Stainless Steel Wire Rope
7X7 1/8" to 3/16" Vinyl Coated Stainless Steel Wire Rope
7X7 1/8" to 3/16" Vinyl Coated Stainless Steel Wire Rope
7X7 1/8" to 3/16" Vinyl Coated Stainless Steel Wire Rope
1,What is your MOQ?
2,How do you control quality? 
By setting up quality control points and inspecting at each production process with strict standards, the defective products will be eliminated before packaging and delivery. 
For partner factories, we use a comprehensive system of quality standards to evaluate the production line. 
Also our professional QC team will implement the on site check and finish product check before delivery.

3,How can we get a sample?
For new customers, we can supply you free samples with your express account.

4,How do I pay?
We accept T/T 30% in advance and 70% before shipment.

5,How do I receive the goods?
With our professional transport agents, we are capable of delivery products to most ports all over the world.Door-to-door service is also supported.
FOB, CIF are most commonly used trade terms.

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